Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Get Back in the Job Market With a Seasonal Job?

Breaking into the job market can be difficult, but one way to get noticed is through seasonal work. A seasonal position with a company not only shows your willingness to work, but also broadens your network and increases your chance of finding long-term employment.

How Can a Seasonal Job Help Me?

Seasonal jobs do in fact help people find permanent placement. Businesses have busier times of year, and when their busy season occurs, they will need additional employees to ease the workload. If your resume is outdated and you haven't been in a job for an extended period of time, accepting a seasonal position may be the best opportunity you have to help re-establish yourself as a viable candidate. Companies are weary of individuals who have not been employed for an extended period of time. It can read as unemployable or a perhaps a risk that the company may not want to take on. However, seasonal positions will show that you are eager to work. In the business world, even a seasonal part-time job can show you have integrity and ambition, which are important and desirable commodities for any employer. It shows that you are willing to work and get the job done, which companies like to see in their employees.

The Road to Success

Working with a staffing service to find seasonal positions can in fact open many doors for you. As recruiters get to know you and your skill sets, they can better gauge positions that fit your goals and experience. If you seek out seasonal employment through a staffing service recruiter and your performance is strong, there is a reasonable probability that you will be a consideration for other employment opportunities. Recruiters want to make both the company and the applicant happy, so as you demonstrate your best abilities in a seasonal position, your recruiter is likely to take notice and keep you in mind for other temporary positions, or even full time employment.

No matter the season or time of year, there is always a demand for seasonal help in various industries. If you find yourself with gaps in your employment, a seasonal job can help build up that resume so you become a viable candidate for future positions. Don't take seasonal positions lightly. Many individuals in high paying positions started out in seasonal or part-time jobs, in an attempt to build their resume and network. Every position you hold will impact your career in some way. Before giving up on your job search, seek out the guidance of a staffing service for seasonal employment.

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